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Why do you need NetCONNECT+?

(Addition to maintenance contract)
  • With NetCONNECT+
  • Use of Power Filter - Included
  • Help Desk Support - Included
  • Ongoing Training - Included
  • Remote Monitoring - Included
  • Service Loaners - Included
  • Network Troublshooting - Included
  • Toner Shipping & Handling - Included
  • Scanning Issues - Included
  • Fax Issues - Included
  • Print Driver Updates - Included
  • Automated Meter Collection - Included
  • Automated Supply Monitoring - Included
  • Normal Maintenance
  • Cost of Power Filter - $150
  • Help Desk Support - $37.50 per 15 minutes
  • Ongoing Training - $150 per hour
  • Remote Monitoring - $25 per month
  • Service Loaners - Rental rate of $250 per month
  • Network Troublshooting - $150 per hour
  • Toner Shipping & Handling - $10 per shipment
  • Scanning Issues - $150 per hour
  • Fax Issues - $150 per hour
  • Print Driver Updates - $37.50 per hour
  • Automated Meter Collection - not available
  • Automated Supply Monitoring - not available

Why worry about all the additional charges that you would incur with IT issues? With NetCONNECT+, your technology experience is simple and worry free with a low monthly cost per MFP! If you would like to fill out a form download and send this form via email.


This Agreement concerns the services of our Professional Services Engineers in supporting the connectivity of the office equipment purchases, leased, or rented from DIGITAL OFFICE SOLUTIONS.

CUSTOMER is responsible for maintaining and active network connection near the equipment.

NetCONNECT+ services include support for printing, scanning and connectivity of the multifunction products purchased, leased or rented from DIGITAL OFFICE SOLUTIONS.

NetCONNECT+ does not cover equipment failures, maintenance, or malfunctions, which are covered under a separate agreement. Support for Document Management Software, Scanning software, Forms Management applications, Computers, Servers and Networks is not included and may be available separately from DIGITAL OFFICE SOLUTIONS or RELIABLE TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS (RTS). It is the responsibility of the CUSTOMER to perform all necessary operating system application updates to the computers and/or servers. CUSTOMER is responsible for performing system and data backups of all computers and servers. DIGITAL OFFICE SOLUTIONS bears no responsibility for any damage done to, or for information lost from said PC’s, Servers or other Network hardware.

NetCONNECT+ services are provided during normal business hours 8:30am to 5:00pm, Monday thru Friday except on Holidays.

NetCONNECT+ services provided after hours, or on weekend or Holidays, if available, will be billed at the standard overtime rates in effect at the time the service call is made.

DIGITAL OFFICE SOLUTIONS will provide our highest-level resources to support your individual connectivity requirements. Our Professional Services Team will assist your Network Administrator, IT Support Staff, and office personnel to resolve any issues with connectivity, printing, scanning and/or faxing for the equipment under this Agreement. Our Team’s goal is to help resolve any problems promptly to help your staff and operation be more productive and operate more effectively.

Confidentiality – DIGITAL OFFICE SOLUTIONS shall hold all disks, tapes, and other media, process reports and information of any nature that are made available by the CUSTOMER, or that become available to DIGITAL OFFICE SOLUTIONS by virtue of this agreement or the relationship created by this Agreement, in strict confidence. Such confidential disclosures that are made or such confidential information that becomes available to DIGITAL OFFICE SOLUTIONS are subject to the confidentiality clause.

DIGITAL OFFICE SOLUTIONS may withhold service or support or terminate this Agreement of CUSTOMER fails to comply with any of the items or conditions of this Agreement, or if thirty (30) days past due on any DIGITAL OFFICE SOLUTIONS invoice. This Agreement is not transferable, nor refundable.